An Old Favourite

Leliyn / Edith Falls, Nitmiluk National Park

Last light on the lower pool at Leliyn

Last light on the lower pool at Leliyn

Having arrived in Katherine and safely delivered Paul’s Troopie to the auto-electrician we have a couple of days to fill in so we decide to spend them at Leliyn (Edith Falls), about sixty kilometres away by road.

After stops in town for supplies and gas we head north and manage to secure a camp site at this very popular location in Nitmiluk National Park which includes Katherine Gorge and shares a border with the much larger Kakadu National Park. We have both visited Leliyn several times before but it’s a place we visit for at least one night anytime we are close by. Over the years it has become more and more popular, and for good reason. So much so that there is now a stand selling food, coffee and ice creams which you can enjoy in the nearby shade.

A short walk from the camp ground is a natural swimming hole, about 100 metres in diameter with a beautiful angular rock face and a small waterfall which is very pleasant to swim under. There is easy access to the water and it’s great to stretch out and swim across to the falls for a ‘waterfall massage’. Needless to say it’s one of the first things we do after we have set up camp. After our swim, we check out a few possible locations for a photo shoot.

The next day we take a stroll along the 1.7 km, 1.5 hour walk up to the Top Pool and then around the back of the main pool before returning to the camp area. After the first climb there are a couple of high lookouts with views down to the waterfall in the Top Pool and back down to the main pool. There are far fewer people up here but it’s still quite busy. From the lookouts we descend to the rocks around the Top Pool, take a few photos and then it’s time for a cooling swim and lazing around on the warm rocks. It’s heading for lunch time so we continue our walk and Paul has another dip in the main pool on the way back to our camp. Not a bad mornings work!

Our two days here pass very quickly with some early morning and late evening photo shoots as well as a few more swims during the middle of the day. The weather is starting to warm up quite nicely. Our camp has a little shade and a grassed area nearby so we are pretty comfortable!

We get some reading done and generally relax after the trip along the Victoria Highway. Paul gets a report that his car is ready so after two nights we head back to Katherine to pick it up. When we get there we find that the report was somewhat optimistic and it takes another full day to locate and fix the electrical fault. It’s getting late by the time we leave Katherine so we camp off the side of the highway a little north of town.

The next day we drive into the southern end of Litchfield National Park where we intend to spend about a week exploring and taking more photos. There will be more about this beautiful national park in another post.

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