Comings and Goings Along Dusty Tracks # 4

Our Latest Dusty Track – Our latest travels included many more miles of sealed roads than usual but we managed to find some pretty rough and very dusty tracks to break the journey and provide more driving interest. We also had some vehicle and camper issues which added some spice to our journey. The Best Laid Plans post outlines the various hiccups along the way.

Leaving Kununurra we travelled east along the Victoria Highway to Timber Creek. From there we explored a couple of very interesting 4WD tracks in the western section of Judbarra (Gregory) National Park. Further along the Victoria Highway near the Victoria River Roadhouse we enjoyed the beautiful scenery in the eastern section of the park before continuing on to Katherine.

Travelling north from Katherine along the Stuart Highway we detoured in Leliyn (Edith Falls) in Nitmiluk National Park for a couple of days swimming, walking and relaxing. The next side trip on our northward journey was west into Litchfield National Park entering from the south along the 4WD Reynolds River Road. We hid from the long weekend crowds at Surprise Creek then spent a couple more nights at Wangi Falls and left the park along the northern road to complete our journey to Darwin.

Photos and stories about our time in the National Parks will be posted soon.

Where are we now? – We’re in Darwin for at least 12 days with tickets booked to various Darwin Festival shows and lots of Indigenous art to view. Right at the moment we’re in the Royal Darwin Hospital where Paul is recovering from removal of a gangrenous appendix. That certainly wasn’t part of our plan but if you’re going to have appendicitis it’s certainly far better to be here than out in the bush! More about this in The Best Laid Plans post.

Where to next? –Paul will be out of hospital soon and we can see some of the art and catch a couple of shows. We’ll probably stay around a bit longer than we originally planned and see some of the surrounding area on day trips until Paul gets the all clear and feels fully fit to travel further afield and back into the remote bush.

When we do go we are planning on heading into Kakadu National Park and up through Arnhem Land to Cobourg Peninsula but we still have to organize our permit for that travel. Kakadu will then need a couple of weeks of exploration before we head south toward the Gulf country and eventually the east coast.


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