November 23, 2016 at 04:19PM from Facebook

We are leaving Maputo, Mozambique today and heading for Swaziland where we will be back in the bush for a while. We have had a great time in Mozambique and we will return if we get the chance. Maputo is bigger than expected, very busy and quite a dirty place but the people are great and very helpful!

Best to stick to the main roads though. As soon as you try a short cut or enter the side roads in the suburbs you are on dirt tracks with plenty of dips, lumps and pools of water … generally traveling in first gear. You do get to see more things at that speed though 😉

Yesterday we visited the small Art Gallery and the arts and crafts market (both terrific) and then had dinner in a Portuguese restaurant for our last night. Wonderful food even though it was aimed at tourists. We have enjoyed trying the local cuisine as well. from Follow Dusty Tracks