One day, while walking along the rim walk around King’s Canyon in the ‘red centre’ of Australia, Julie Moor and Paul Marshall met and started chatting. Their walking pace matched and they casually fell into step and finished the walk together. Afterwards they caught up for a cold drink at the nearby roadhouse and talked a bit about living on the road and their next ‘Dusty Track’. It turned out that they were both heading northwest up the Tanami Track from Alice Springs to the Kimberleys in a few weeks. They wished each other goodbye and promised to stop for a cuppa if they crossed paths on again.

About a month later, 150km north west of Alice Springs, Julie spotted Paul parked a little way off the side of the Tanami Track having a coffee and stopped to say Hi. Since they were both heading up the same ‘Dusty Track’ they started travelling together and spent some time getting to know each other around the evening camp fires. A few weeks later, after a stay in the Bungle Bungles, they landed up in Kununnura and started planning a longer trip along the Gibb River Road to Broome by way of Mitchell Falls, Kalumburu and Derby.

Fast forward a year, and a slow drive along many more Dusty Tracks through the Pilbara, Coral Coast and the South West of Western Australia, and we are still living our dream. Our travel plans have become even more ambitious including some of the toughest tracks in Australia and Africa … then who knows where after that.

This blog is a mixing pot of our stories, tall tales and photography as Julie and Paul continue their journey together. While Julie is the more disciplined writer and Paul spends most of his time on landscape and wildlife photography the blog is a mixture of both of their writing and photography.

If you would like to see a lot more of Paul’s photography then click here.

Moving forward another few years and our adventures now include over 2 years spent driving through thirteen African countries and back-packing in northern Thailand, northern Laos and India as well as more time spent travelling in Australia.

We are now considering a switch to a four wheel drive truck and possibly a small yacht in which we can explore the extensive waterways of the east coast and the Great Barrier Reef. Most international travel will not be an option for a while but we may spend six months in New Zealand in a camper van if that border opens up to Aussies. Who knows.

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