Where Have We Been?

If you’d like to read about where we’ve been in the past follow the links below.

We’ve been writing about our travels for more than five years and sometimes its nice to look back on our experiences and relive them through the photos and words. Trouble is it can be hard to find particular places and events. You might be interested in a particular place or just be happy to browse. Hopefully the links below can help.

Looking Back – Australia

Looking Back – Africa

Looking Back – Asia

There are heaps of photos in our posts but if you’d like to browse through some of our photos check out the Our Travels Tab in the Whitefella Walkabout Photography Page or go direct to

Dusty Tracks Photos – Australia

Dusty Tracks Photos – Africa or

Dusty Tracks Photos – Asia.

While you’re there you can see a selection of Paul’s finest images in his Portfolio. All photos are available for purchase if you are interested.