Bunkering Down

Celebrating our Luck

In these times we need to be adaptable and after changing our plans heaps of times, I think we are now up to Plan H, we are very lucky to have landed in a very congenial spot to sit this out.

I’m sitting in a very comfortable AirBnB in Geraldton, Western Australia, gazing out over the Indian Ocean with the waves breaking gently onto the shore. Sure not doing it tough. Travel restrictions mean that this place which is normally filled by overseas travellers should be available to us for as long as we need it. When I think how tough it is for loads of people the restriction of our normal travel is a very small price to pay.

We are on about the same latitude as the Gold Coast so the weather should be mild and with a very quiet beach in front of us we should be able to get regular exercise without getting anywhere near anyone else. A careful weekly shop should take care of everything else. Thank goodness for the internet so we can access loads of materials; books, films, on line courses, social media, music, etc. We each have our own workspace; Paul’s in a darkish room for his photography and mine is in a spot where I am surrounded by light, fresh breezes and views. A large kitchen will be a delight to work and cook in.

Anyway, one of the things I’m planning on doing is posting some of the travel photos we’ve accumulated in the time since we got back from India last June and which I haven’t got around to sharing. They won’t necessarily be in any order but hopefully you will enjoy seeing them. Meanwhile Paul has loads of time to work with his images from Australia and overseas and to dive into some more on line photographic courses. 

We hope all of you are safe and healthy and coping with the enforced isolation without going insane. 

Don’t want to make you jealous but check out our current residence.

9 thoughts on “Bunkering Down

  1. Point Lonsdale is a pretty good spot too. Went for along walk along the beach the other day and only saw two people. Might be a bit different when the weather changes though. Enjoy your ‘bunkering down”


  2. Looks like you’ll be having a nice self isolation! Enjoy 🙂🥂🍻🍷

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  3. Great to know you have found a beautiful spot to stay and not thrown into chaos elsewhere. Enjoy your time there and stay safe.


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